Strainer/Filter Definition and Purpose

Strainers are used normally for the protection of pipeline and petroleum process equipment installed downstream of the strainer. The equipment protected by our strainers is generally more expensive than the total installation cost of a strainer. Also this equipment is critical to the pipeline or process operation.rn

Strainers use perforated and/or wire mesh media for straining purposes. These materials are “two dimensional”, meaning they do not have a “Depth” or “Dirt Holding” capacity. This means that when a debris particle is caught in the straining media the opening is blocked or plugged. This results in reduced available opening for flow. Strainer sizing and selection are critical to insure your cleaning cycle time, particle size retention and pressure drop requirements are achieved.

Straining Media Selection for Basket

The following is a general guideline of media normally used in various applications:

Liquid Turbine Meters 1/8” dia.expanded wire mesh

with 40 x 40 mesh liner

Gas Turbine Meters and Regulators 1/8” dia. perforated support

with 80 x 80 mesh liner

P.D. Meters 1/8” dia. perforated

Centrifugal Pumps

Service: Crude Oil 1/4” dia. perforated

Refined Products 1/8” dia. perforated

Coke Fines 3/4” flattened expanded metal

Water 1/8” dia. to 3/8” dia. perforated

Natural Gas Compressors Varies by manufacturer recommendations,

1/8” dia. perforated to 5 microns